About Us


We partner with and service select industrial accounts that generate scrap metal as a by-product of their manufcturing process.


FerroTrade is a family-owned business with 60+ years of combined experience in the buying and selling of recyclable scrap metal. We are a full-service scrap metal recycling company which prides itself on our excellent customer service, market knowledge, and the ability to get our customers the best pricing in the industry. We supply domestic mills with a wide array of raw materials to be transformed into new products. Our goal is to maximize the value of your scrap metal through analysis, marketing, and selling to the best homes possible.

FerroTrade is about prompt and responsible service. We will thoroughly evaluate and test your scrap metal for chemical analysis, prepare it for direct-to-mill shipment, certify all weights, and pay you promptly.

Our job is to manage your scrap metal effeciently and equitably.


In everything we do, from the products we sell to the services we provide, sharing success and the benefits associated with doing a job well are shared with our customers.

That is what FerroTrade is all about.


We will make every effort to provide better ideas, better service, and continually look for ways to bring more value to your bottom line.

Let us design and customize a recycling program for you.